Motorized Monocycle Provides Pricey Fun

When I first read the term “Monocycle,” I was immediately bombarded with images of clowns juggling at the circus while riding a one wheeled contraption. Not to be confused with that device, the unicycle, this motorized monocycle is very capable of propelling a single rider up to 25 miles per hour. Once you get past the odd shape and style, it actually looks like a lot of fun, and Hammacher Schlemmer wants you to pick one up.

This motorized monocycle originates from the Netherlands, where my only guess is that they decided to come up with a new type of motorized vehicle for no particular reason. It is powered by a 31cc, four-stroke 1 1/2hp-engine. Not exactly serious engine power, but enough to carry a rider of up to 275lbs across flat territory. The fiberglass frame encloses the engine, drive train, and fuel tank, along with a cushioned seat for riders that are up to 6’3″ tall in a sitting position. Acceleration is provided via hand-holds that have a finger throttle along with brake mechanisms. It can run for up to two hours on on 1/2 gallon of gasoline, so the mileage certainly seems good. Before you think you’re going to tool around town with it though, you should note that the vehicle is not street legal, as regulators haven’t been able to properly categorize this ridiculous vehicle. As you might expect, the price tag on this baby runs high, clocking in at $13,000.

If you are looking for a bike that you can actually take down a street without getting arrested, we have you covered. You can check out this Voltra motorcycle, for example, for an unconventional motorcycle design. If you’d prefer to do your part to conserve the environment, consider the Cute Mini Electric Scooter.

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