A Covert, Portable Cell Phone Jammer

At first glance, the device looks like an ordinary pack of cigarettes. It has a rectangular, brown colored pack with a dozen cigarette butts peeping out. Closer inspection reveals that this cigarette pack is a smartly designed cell phone jammer.

Mobile phone technology has, to a large extent, helped people come closer. With mobile phones, you are never too far away from your friends or loved ones.  The world is set to transform into a global village all thanks to the ubiquitous mobile phone. Having said this, mobile phones can also be the cause of intense irritation.

How many times have we been interrupted at cafes and restaurants by an unusually loud person chatting away on the mobile phone without any regard for the rest of us? The most irritating thing that cell phone users do is to attend their phone calls in the middle of a movie screening and talk as if no one else is present. With the covert Cigarette Pack Hidden Cell phone Jammer, loud mouth cell phone users are history.

The cigarette pack inspired cell phone jammer is a sophisticated device that can disrupt any mobile network. GSM, 3G, DCS, PHS you name it and the jammer will interrupt the signal for you. The next time you are being disturbed by a noisy cell phone user, simply turn the jammer on and enjoy the peace.

The Cigarette Pack Hidden Cell Phone Jammer comes with a bundle of intelligent features. It does not interrupt any other electronic device such as your portable music player, laptop, or tablet PC. The covert cell phone jammer can disrupt any signal within a radius of 10 meters.

For a sophisticated device, the cell phone jammer is extremely easy to use. The user has to switch on the jammer; a green light will indicate that the device is working. If the user turns the device off, the signal will be restored.

The USP of the Cigarette Pack Hidden Cell Phone Jammer is its portability. It can be carried around anywhere and everywhere and will fit inside any shirt or trouser pocket. The user could also carry the jammer around in their bags. The covert mobile signal jammer is powered by a lithium cell battery, which can be charged by a power adaptor or even a car charger.

The Cigarette Pack Hidden Cell Phone Jammer is truly a one of a kind device. You can check this device out at Chinavasion.com where it is available at $46.11.

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