Hold My Beer: 6 Pint Glasses for Geeks

As a long-time geek, I can understand the value of surrounding yourself with expressions of your nerdier hobbies. From World of Warcraft to Star Wars, it is an enjoyable experience every so often to kick back, grab a beer, and pour into your favorite pint glass. In that vein, we have put together a number of geeky pint glasses that are up to the task of holding your alcoholic beverage of choice. We have also tried to spread out the themes among a variety of genres to appeal to just about any kind of geek you can think of.

Lord of the Rings Bar-Ware

For Tolkien fans, the pint glass of choice would need to reflect some of the more fanciful places of Middle Earth. Both the Prancing Pony and the Green Dragon were significant locations int he books of their own right, and now you can celebrate their significance with this Lord of the Rings Etched Bar-ware. These little glasses can boast about their longetivity, as the etched-in design means that they won’t fade off no matter how many times you need to scrub the old beer out of them. Aside from actual breakage, the glasses will last as long as you do. Both are inspired by my personal favorite of Tolkien’s books: The Hobbit.

Periodic Beer Glass

Unless you are out there brewing your own beer, you probably don’t give much thought to the chemistry involved in creating your favorite brew. Well, this Periodic Beer Glass will serve as a constant reminder that, yes, beer needs Science, too! It is important to note that while the formula creates the word beer, I would not suggest Beryllium or Erbium to be added to your home brew creations. If you happen to come across any beer that contains these, here is a hint: Don’t drink them under any circumstances.

Beer Glasses From Beer Bottles

If you are one of those eco-friendly types that I aspire to be but often fall short, then you can respect the elegant simplicity of these beer glasses that are constructed from beer bottles. I am not a big fan of Corona, but I have a lot of respect for whoever decided to pull out the precision cutters and make some rocking beer glasses. As you might expect, though, the process is a little labor intensive, so expect to pay a premium for your right to say “My beer helps protect the environment.”

Glass of Light Design

Looking to sneak in a quick beer unnoticed? This glass of light milk design is for you! Alternatively it also serves just as a cool way to drink your beverage of choice with a neat looking light design. Although it emulates milk, don’t let that stop you from loading it up with something a little more tasty. The glass lights up thanks to an almost unnoticeable panel at the base of the glass and a few batteries. Just flick the switch to durn your drink into a light show.

Giant Beer Glass

Sometimes, after a really long day of work and stress, just one pint glass will not be enough to satiate your frustration. For those rare occasions, consider the Giant Beer Glass as an alternative. Rather than need to go back and forth from the fridge, this handy monstrosity can hold up to five beers in just one compact container. The trick here, of course, is to get that beer good and drank before it warms up and becomes gross. Unless you are English, in which case lukewarm beer tastes good to you for some strange reason.

Atari Pint Glasses

Sometimes I relish in the fact that I am an old school gamer that harkens back to the days of Atari. While I was a little kid at the time, I loved Missile Command, Asteroids, and other classic favorites. For those occasions, I can load up my beer into these Atari Arcade Pint Glasses, which feature my favorite games worked into the design. I didn’t see Frogs and Flies listed there as an option, but I hope to track one down soon. That quite possibly could be my favorite Atari game ever, and it would make the perfect pint glass accessory.

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