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Having to trek all the way to the gym from your house or your place of work can be a huge hassle sometimes, not to mention the hundreds of dollars you pay for a membership that only lasts a few months. Don’t you just wish you could get a full-body workout at home?

If you feel all too strongly that you’re in this pickle, the Foldaway Armoire Gym by Hammacher Schlemmer is the perfect solution for you. Who ever thought you could pack all the essential elements of a gym into your bedroom?

In short, the Foldaway Armoire Gym is … a foldaway armoire gym. In total, it only takes up 40″ of wall space when opened up, 28″ when folded away, and weighs 500 lbs, which, for an all-inclusive gym in your bedroom, isn’t too shabby.

It opens as a cavity with all the weights, pulleys, and exercise diagrams you need for your workout. There are two thirty-pound stacks of weights that can be adjusted in 2.5-pound increments to allow for optimal adjustments to your personal needs.

As an all-inclusive gym, the Foldaway includes a kayak bar to exercise your back and biceps. It also includes grip handles so that you can perform different exercises in order to isolate certain muscles. Or, you can turn to face the opposite direction to squeeze in those pressing exercises for your chest and triceps.

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You might be thinking, ‘So what? The Bowflex does all of this too.’ But what the Bowflex doesn’t include is the opportunity for an aerobic workout. Jutting out from the middle of the Foldaway Armoire is a stationary bike, so you can bulk up and burn calories without ever moving ten feet, let alone half-way across town to the gym! The bike includes 12 workout programs, handlebars to monitor your heart rate, and a display screen for you to keep an eye on your progress.

The personalization and minimization of products for the sake of the user’s convenience is a growing trend, and workout products are no exception. The Heated Inversion Table and the Dual Combat are great examples of this.

It is available for $3000, to bring the workout into your home.

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