iFlash: Flash for Your iPhone

With each passing generation of the iPhone, the camera of the phone gets even better than the existing models. The camera feature has made a marked development with increased resolution and higher focus. But, there is one area where it has not managed to make a mark – dark environment. Photography enthusiasts who own the iPhone cannot stop complaining about this one aspect and the night mode does not do any good either. A flash feature would improve the camera of the iPhone by leaps and bounds and make it more resourceful and worth the money. Inspired by this idea, comes the marvellously simple ‘no-brainer’ iFlash attachment!
Whether it is a dimly lit club or a photography spree that you want to indulge in the dark, iFlash is a blessing in disguise! With its bright flash, it also does its bit in improving the resolution of the camera while taking pictures. It is to be simply attached to the phone- when in us. It is a tiny accessory that can cling on to the phone and is capable of being a photography add-on! Usually, you probably carry around a separate camera while headed for a night out, but extra baggage no more! This petite gizmo has altered the night-time photography experience significantly!

The iFlash can also double up as a useful flashlight. Instead of randomly pressing buttons on your phone and feeling your way down the stairs, it can be used as a powerful LED light that illuminates the space in front of you.

In case you are still wondering, how you ‘attach’ this instrument onto your iPhone when you need to click away, the iFlash clings on to the phone through the charging socket at the bottom of your iPhone. You can smoothly slip it into place and it is absolutely free of any hassles of a fixture or lengthy application procedures. There is also a 3.5mm jack attachment slot from where it hangs from like an endearing phone charm! Added to that, it is miniscule to the tune of 44mmx19.5mmx11mm in dimension. Hence, it will fit into most iPhone cases without annoyance.

Compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, it is also attuned and companionable to the usage of the iPod Nano 3, 4 and 5g as well as the IPad and iPod Touch 1, 2, 3, and 4th Generation Models. It also flaunts an adaptable 60 degree viewing angle. So much packed into so little a thing! I am sure by now you would be too eager to get this wonderful gadget for yourself! Why, waste time? Hurry up! It is available at  the price of £19.99 only!

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