Learn Braille in the Most Active Way with the Braille Ball

So have you ever entered into a challenging educational game where you’d have to create something in a unique way? What would it be? An Xbox 360 or any other console? But well, the creative head Danielle had just something else on her head when she created a ‘be-B: Braille Education Ball’ in DESIGN 21 event in the most innovative and mind-blowing way ever.

Learn Braille in the Most Active Way

Well, you must have definitely known how Braille works, with its raised-dot system to figure out the characters. But are you totally happy with the existing standard method or you think it needs an interesting and a innovative twist to it? Well, Danielle Pecora’s hard work brought out some wonderful results to exceed the normal Braille work with some more excitement.

The event named as ‘Changers Competition for global game design’, won by the brainy Danielle showcased her talent with be-B: Braille Education Ball, a ball that consists of 26 magnetically attached pegs that has a Latin alphabet on each peg and a corresponding Braille letter on the other side. The education ball actually makes it simpler and quite impressive for all blind as well as sighted people to master the art of Braille in an easy way. Visual Mobile Design is also one impressive device for the impaired.

Learn Braille in the Most Active Way 3

Well, you definitely must have figured how the ball works now, so as you get the correct match for your letters to its destined hole, the chime in the ball will speak out the alphabet out loud. Worth it, with all the fun-filled education! Well.

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