Limited Edition Chrome Ping-Pong Table Outshines Every Other

If you have witnessed the cool Ping Pong Skills from ‘Balls Of Fury’, then you should probably have a look at this, a fully furnished, mirror chrome finish ping pong table that even the folks back in Balls Of Fury would love to be featured on their flicks. For the folks who like to play the usual games with a hint of luxury and style, this ping pong table should be just the perfect thing you could be looking for.

Chrome Ping Pong Table

The table is made completely from mirror polished steel and hence virtually outshines the others in it’s class. A limited edition of 10 pieces, this table might be in the hands of only a lucky few, adding to the condition of the limited stock is the extremely huge price tag each of them bears, which actually sums up to about $55,000!

Something that only the rich…. super rich masses could afford, it still is one heck of a table to come up with, and not to mention the huge amount of appreciation and admiration it will receive from the people, who may only dream of owning one.

As a matter of fact it would be quite noted that such cool commodities are only a luxury that s enjoyed by a lucky few, so it’s better to have a look at something that is really cool and fits into the budget of a common man like the Transformers Monopoly Board Game that lets you have some robotic fun.

via:[Book Of Joe]

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