This Magnificent Stage Cake Has a Whole Band on It

When we say cake, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Sinful chocolate, sugary icing, delicate frosting… or the many birthdays and anniversaries celebrated with a delicious cake at the heart of the celebrations? You probably even have a number of memorable cake stories to tell including the time your friends plastered your face with white vanilla cake on one of your birthdays. Celebrating a ceremonial event with cake has become a modern day tradition, and with the range of devilishly delicious cakes available nowadays, we do not hear anyone complaining.

Talking about the different kinds of the baked dessert, the cake on display today would certainly rank in the top ten when it comes to eccentricity and originality. This particular cake may not be used to celebrate any birthdays, anniversaries, or marriages; but you definitely will have a lot of fun with it. It is also one of those rare cakes where the ‘toppings’ are definitely more interesting than the actual cake.

The base of the cake is a standard chocolate cake that measures 18×36 inches (yes, it’s a big one). The frosting on the cake is designed to resemble a light blue carpet with dark blue patterns. On top of the carpet frosting lies the heart and soul of the cake: its attention-grabbing frostings.

A stage speaker sits on the upper left-hand corner of the cake. It is black in color and has ‘Marshall’ written on it with white frosting. Two guitars rest on the speaker. One is maroon in color with white articulated lines; the other is a pure dark blue. Next to the speaker and guitars is a set of drums that are wooden brown in color with gold-colored cymbals.

On the upper right-hand corner of the cake sits another stage speaker which is jet black in color. A fiery guitar, with a flame-designed body, rests on this speaker. Ahead of the guitar, in the foreground of the cake, is an electric keyboard that sits on top of a cute, toothpick and gumdrop stand. A black mic stand is set on the center of the cake with tiny blue and green colored pedals lying around it.

By now, you must have figured that the cake is a ‘Stage Cake’ with all the musical instruments present for a rocking performance. Stage Cake has been expertly crafted by member who goes by the stage name, Estranged Illusions. This is one cake that you would want to dig into before attending a concert.

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