The R MOTO Superbike

Talk about unique and ultra-sassy superbikes and forget the R Moto? That’s not fair at all. Maybe you don’t know, but the R Moto is not at all any less than the superbikes you die for.

For sure, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and BMW are some well known brands but when it comes to unique bikes, designer bikes take the lead. The R Moto is one such designer bike that was created for the EICMA show in Milan. It was designed by Erik Holmen who is a professional industrial along with Rob Brady who is the owner of the ROBRADY design.

The pictures are of an off show model which was created by a Rapid Prototyping team. Believe it or not, it wasn’t any easy to design this bike. The team nearly employed 90 hours a week to meet the requirements and well, they did it! Just so that you know – seventeen show quality 3 wheel electric scooters, a rear storage box, and a canopy scooter were also built for the EICMA show.

What’s so cool about the design?

Take a look at the pictures below and you will instantly know that this bike has the x-factor every biker would want. The rear end and the seat area do not have any base. They are directly attached to the mid-body which is the main frame of the bike for support. It looks delicate but its not. The bike is sturdy enough to hold your weight and drift around.

The front-mid area of the body is the main hefty part. But, unlike most of the superbikes, it does not look ugly at all. The designers quite smoothly designed this part and added fins on it to make it look more spectacular. The front headlights are also in rim-style. This is actually one unique feature of the bike.

You don’t get to see a lot of superbikes with such headlights do you? The front wheel is more or less identical to most of the superbikes but the rear one is quite different. It is completely visible and does not have any coverings over it.

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