Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser: Get Your Body Toned in Minutes

The New Year is finally upon us and as it happens with the beginning of a year, New Year resolutions are also upon us. A common resolution people make at the beginning is to shed those extra pounds of body weight and get in shape. The new found enthusiasm causes people to join gyms or go on crash diets. Once the enthusiasm dies down eventually, people go back to their original weight.If you have made a similar resolution of exercising and toning your body, we have something for you that would help you stick to your resolution. Online retailers Hammacher Schlemmer have on display a portable handheld exerciser that provides an aerobic workout from the comfort of your chair.

There are dozens of portable exercisers in the market that promise you the sky and deliver absolutely nothing. Some of these portable machines promote injuries to joints rather than provide a safe work out. Hammacher Schlemmer’s portable exercise machine delivers on the promise it makes: Have you fit and healthy before the end of this year.

The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser is a compact exercise machine that will help you tone your upper body, including your abs. The portable exerciser provides a complete cardiovascular workout as well, which strengthens the heart muscles. For all of its health benefits – increasing strength, endurance, and burning off calories – the handheld exerciser is a simple and extremely easy to use machine.

The exerciser comes with two handgrips that are surrounded by two circular rings. A synthetic pulley attaches one circular ring to the other. To exercise, the user has to simply grip his or her hands on the handgrips of the machine, then hold it perpendicular to the chest, and rotate the hands in a cyclical motion; just like a boxer punching a speed bag.

Each ring has Teflon bearings embedded on them, which allows the portable exerciser to glide effortlessly and provide a strain free workout. By rotating the hands in a fast cyclical motion, the user can work out the major muscles of the upper body including the chest, biceps, and shoulder blades. A high rate repetition allows the heart muscles to contract and expand at an aerobic rate, which makes for a cardiovascular workout. The user can exercise his abdominal muscles as well by using the portable exerciser as a resisting weight held above the head or on the chest.

The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser currently retails for $129.95 on Hammacherschlemmer.com and comes with a workout DVD.

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