Knight: The Next Generation Hybrid Sports Car

Fast paced, aggressive, vicious and fiery are some of the most suited expressions applied to describe a sports car. The most fascinating actuality about them is that despite being the flaming objects that they are, more are they adored for their curves designed to flow through their body. Looks like these qualities and elements are precisely what Iranian designer, Behzad Hormoz, had in mind while designing ‘Knight.’

Motorised vehicles were developed in early history to for easier and convenient transportation all around. But a select few of them saw beyond just this purpose and built up an obsession to make the vehicles more powerful. So they started taking interest in designing them to be developed as a much bigger, faster and powerful machine. Thus came into being the epoch of sports cars and racing becoming a sport. How much ever humans look out for the beauty aspects of a carriage, they hardly compromise on its power factor. The ‘Knight’ houses a 550hp engine mounted in the middle that happens to be quite a powerful one to suit the racing requirements. The beginning of the age of racing was marked by the development of test vehicles for racing. Soon after that, pioneers could not stop themselves from improvising and bringing out new model after model corresponding to the customers’ needs.

Besides being a powerful sports car, the forte factor of the ‘Knight’ is about the same being eco friendly. Earlier records speak out that hybrid cars have existed longer than other cars powered by fuel. Since 1665, a couple of persons have been working continuously, whilst making alterations, on developing carriages, with four wheels, that were powered by steam. Anyhow, the ‘Knight’ sports a no nonsense look unlike most other hybrid cars. Though it looks all antagonistic and mighty, the ‘Knight’ is lightweight since its body has been assembled out of aluminium. This sports car boasts of brilliant and tremendous aerodynamics and though it has a sharp feature attached to it, the smooth curvy flow in its body is sure to melt many hearts. A special kind of glass has been utilised to cover the top roof of the grand ‘Knight’ and thus the driver on the one seater car, will enjoy a good view of the milieu during a drive.

Ever fantasized driving the blazing Batmobile? Well, belligerently designed, ‘Knight’, the next gen hybrid sports car, would give you just the experience you are looking out for !

This is certainly a great concept! I was also taken by surprise while going through the concepts of Null Mobile App Car and Herb Intersceptor. Via: The Design Inspiration

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