Tired of Your Virtual Keys? This Bluetooh Keyboard Has the Answer

There is a reason that I currently haul around my rather bulky Droid 2, you know. Virtual keyboards have come a long way, to be sure, and it isn’t all that bad loading up your iPhone or Droid Incredible and typing on your virtual keys but, sometimes you just really need something physical. Physical keys provide an additional level of comfort and familiarity that virtual keyboards just can’t provide. With that in mind, Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with an easy solution when you want to get some serious typing done: A Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard.

This little guy pairs up with your device via Bluetooth and has compatibility out the wazoo. He will happily hook up with your iPhone, iPad, smart phone, or any other Bluetooth 2.0 device you can think of. This would be especially handy if you need to type up a lengthy message, e-mail, or blog post. There are 56 sensitive “responsive membrane” switch keys that are arrayed into your familiar QWERTY format. If you hook the keyboard up to a regular computer, the little joystick can serve as a standard mouse too. Surprisingly, the two AAA batteries needed to power the device are included, and they’ll last for about 150 hours of powerful keyboard typing. The price tag of $69.95 is a little steep, but still in the range of what you would expect to pay considering the functionality.

Of course there are other ways to enhance your smart phone experience besides the keyboard. This iPhone Screen enlarger, for example, will make viewing TV shows and movies on your iPhone a much more enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a keyboard that’s a little more extensive, consider this Gigabyte K8100 gaming keyboard.  Your smart phone probably couldn’t handle that much extreme gaming goodness, but it still makes for one rocking keyboard.

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