Digital Note Taker

Now, this is what we call a superb creation! If you don’t have the cash to buy a tablet PC, then you should buy this Digital Note Taker.

It looks like a pen, but it’s actually a wireless note taker, which captures everything you write on paper. It is one of the best computer gadgets we have seen this year. Long gone are the days of digital writing pads, because now you have a digital note taker. Now, you don’t need a pad to write down stuff, and later save on the computer. You can easily write it in your favorite diary, and the pen will capture it automatically.

What can it do?

Well, what it can do might actually surprise you. You need to plug it to your computer, and you will get the notes there. Isn’t that simple enough? For sure it is, and I am actually totally in love with it. All you need to do is connect the receiver to your computer through the USB port and download the saved data. Yup, becoming a blogger now is easier than ever for you.

Here are some more specifications about this Digital Note Taker:

– The Digital Note Taker is completely compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X.

– It can capture any handwriting regardless of its style, and transfer it to your computer

– It is wireless so you don’t need to really sit in front of your computer and work for hours.

– You can even connect it to your PC and start writing notes directly

– The notes can even be edited in your computer

– Handwriting recognition software integrated in this note taker turns your notes into digital text as well

– Ideal for students, writers, and people with similar professions

– Available at a reasonable price of $129.99

– Small, light, and sleek. This Digital Note Taker doesn’t even look like a hi-tech gadget, so you can be least bothered about it getting robbed.

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