Get Different Time Zones with the Flick of a Dial

For those of us who travel frequently from one time zone to another, adjusting the time on our watches as we enter different time zones can be a minor irritant. Especially when you have to do it a number of times as you visit different countries. With emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it has become an American corporate culture to visit these places and conduct business. In such a scenario, a watch that could adjust for the time with minimum fuss would be a blessing.

Anders, a Swedish designer, thought long and hard about this travel related inconvenience and decided to do something about it. The designer has submitted a watch design that will allow the wearer to adjust for different time zones with a flick of a dial. Anders’ design is called, ‘Time Zone LED Watch’.

The Time Zone LED Watch features a modernist design aesthetic. It has a traditional round dial with a vertical, steel colored frame on top of it. The vertical frame neatly divides the watch into the hours segment and the minutes segment. The hours segment is displayed on the left side of the frame with 12, lined articulations, each representing an hour. Minutes are displayed on the right side of the frame in a similar fashion with every 10-minute segment highlighted with a bold line.

The vertical frame, apart from separating the hours and minutes segment, performs an important design function of reducing the clutter on the Time Zone LED Watch. The frame displays the date, month, and the time zone as well. The date and month are displayed on top of the dial itself while the time zone is displayed just above the dial.

Surrounding the round dial of the watch is an adjustment wheel that is, perhaps, the most important element of the Time Zone Watch. This wheel allows the wearer to adjust time for different time zones. When the wheel is rotated to the desired time zone, the time automatically displays the adjustment. The wearer does not have to set the time again, as is the case with other watch designs.

The time zone adjustment of the watch is probably its most unique feature. The minimalist design of the watch offers a talking point too. Covered in a shade of green, the watch displays a rare sophistication and rates high on visual appeal.

All in all, the Time Zone LED Watch by Anders is an aesthetically stunning, and high on functionality as well.

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Via: Tokyoflash

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