Jivo Leaf The Biodegradable Cover To Protect Your iPhone As Well As Your Environment Too

I guess people have now started taking global warming seriously which are degrading our nature badly. That’s why everyone is coming up with concepts by using the latest technology and conscious approach to the safety of our nature too. Here is one of the many initiatives which are coming up lately and this one will not only keep the environment safe but even keep your iPhones in a proper shape too. This “JIVO Leaf” which is your iPhone’s new eco friendly biodegradable case.

Jivo Leaf iPhone case 2

The idea came to an Irish Consumer Electronics Company called Jivo and their hard work led to the accomplishment of this excellent biodegradable iPhone case. This case has been made up of cent percent organic resin called “Eco Pure” which was injected into a normal TPU case.

Jivo Leaf iPhone case 1

The most important information for all the environment freaks is that like a standard iPhone case which normally takes 50 years for getting degraded. The Jivo Leaf will degrade only in 5 years. Its best part is that the case is being made with such a killer material which allows it to get completely recycled in time.

Jivo Leaf iPhone case 3

Not only it’s eco friendly but killer looks too. It’s a classic combination of aestheticism along with excellent material condition for environment. Even John McHugh, one of the directors of Jivo was impressed with their creation and said” We set out to create the world’s best iPhone case.  Our design brief was to create a fashionable case that would give world class protection with the added benefit that it is totally biodegradable”. I am sure that they have achieved their objective and it’s surely an excellent addition in today’s time.

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