New Robotic Home Sentry: The Rovio WowWee to Protect Your Home

Whenever you are out, you don’t have to worry about what’s happening at back at your home as now this new robotic sentry to keep your home safe and sound controlled by any remote device which is capable of browsing the internet too, so that you can monitor your home while you are out of town for vacation or any business meeting.


With an excellent audio (two-way microphone and speaker) the Rovio WowWee robot enables real-time interaction and providing high resolution videos of 640 x 480 which are compressed into MPEG4 format and sent through internet to your e-mail address. Its chassis is supported by three wheels which keep very soft movements and its camera can also rotate upto 360 degree, allowing it to survey the whole area. You can set this robotic bodyguard on 10 paths if you want it to patrol only specific places for a customized patrol and it will continue moving around its paths avoiding obstacles by detecting them with its infrared sensors and continue repeating the same sequence until its issued new orders. Charging it for a full two hours makes it capable of running for two hours and it can also locate its base by its built-in infrared sensor when you command it to re-charge remotely.

Robotic Home Centry

As it is a PC running machine, the Rovio WowWee robot can run on Windows XP, Vista or Macintosh with a Wi-Fi card, a broadband internet, router or any other wireless access point as this sentry has a 100′ wireless range. Starting from 8 years kids can control it easily. Its dimensions are 5″H x 10 1/2″L x 9″W and with 10″H camera when deployed with a price tag of

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Robotic Home Centry

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