Virtual Laser Computer Keyboard with Bluetooth

This beautiful and innovative computer keyboard is definitely ahead of its time with Laser tech, bluetooth connectivity and cellphone compatibility. It isn’t everyday that you can type your emails or messages on a virtual keyboard…but the time has arrived.

virtual computer keyboard laser

The Virtual Laser keyboard shines a QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface, so you can have the convenience of a full sized keyboard even when away from your laptop. With the station only 3.5 inches tall, it is easy to carry. Moreover, it is Bluetooth compatible, so if your PDA and Cellphone is as well, you can now have a real QWERTY keyboard just a light touch away.

virtual laser keyboard

Another great addition for this cool laser computer keyboard is the ability to grant the keyboard clicks sound, so your ears receive the feedback they deserve when writing the long and involved email.

bluetooth virtual keyboard laser

For only $149.99, Business travelers would simply enjoy having a keyboard with them without having to carry the laptop as well.

virtual laser computer keyboard accessories

6 thoughts on “Virtual Laser Computer Keyboard with Bluetooth

  1. albertha .

    i luv this its soo new a coool when i grow up im goin 2 have 1 to pluse thxn to who ever made it

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