Coffee Table Computer Workstation Flaunts its Multi-functionality

You might have come across many complex designed tables, how about a multi-purpose table with the most authentic concept to enlighten your living room. Sony Fusion crafted this multi functionality desktop infused with a coffee table to make it stand out from the rest, just making your life simpler.


This practical concept is the ultimate point where technology is fused with furniture, crafted in matte black aluminum with a sleek chrome lining and supported by arched chrome legs. They are designed with exclusive features to allow you to change your coffee table into a workstation; all you got to do is push a button with sleek touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen.


This table succeeds in infusing a coffee table to serve both functions of being a sleek, multipurpose table along with a high performance desktop. The table flaunts the LED outlined keyboard, screen and DVD drive on the side of the table by splitting the top in half to reveal this screen. Sony Fusion is available in three colors- blue, white and red, at a price of $3000 when it goes into production.

This classy design can be the best furniture you can flaunt not only in your living room, but also your workplace or restaurants to live with the on-going trendy looks and enjoy every hangout with friends and colleagues.


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via: Walyou

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