Grass Mouse Takes Green Revolution Too Far

We agree all of us need to go ‘green’, but some people take the concept a little too far, like the ‘Grass Mouse’ for example. Well, it is a sight for sure, but it would take little time for people to realize that beauty is just skin deep.

grass mouse

There is nothing more to this mouse than the layer of grass aesthetically added to compensate for the lack of feature-additions. It rolls the same way as your regular handheld peripheral and performs the same functions. We wouldn’t know why this Japanese designer has come up with this idea, but we can safely assume for now that it’s the green revolution taking its toll. Can’t blame designers for complicity!

All said and done, the Grass Mouse is neatly done. There are no ugly patches or sew-marks showing, which certainly earns a few brownie points for the designer, who we hear has a certain fetish for grass layered objects. Hanaoka seems to have covered up a few things in green. For now, we will leave you pondering how to best explain to your friends the reason for bringing this eccentric design home.

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Via: Walyou

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