Pacman and Tetris Haircuts for a Rugged Look

If you had been wanting to get a geeky haircut for yourself, and desired to have a different look, you might have toyed with the idea of visiting a expensive saloon.

pacman haircut

However, the answers might lie with your geeky friend who might be just as crazy about Tetris or Pacman as you are. With that in mind, Random Echo has uploaded pictures of Tetris haircut and the Pacman haircut. After shaving the sideburns off, and carving the Tetris design carefully on the scalp; he certainly looks like a rugged geek.

He just used the mirrors to cut the hair and shave off the locks in desired shape. Moreover, he was also scared of bleeding himself to death, if he missed the razor and cut himself. Nevertheless, Soon (Random Echo) found it easy to carve out the designs of both Pacman and Tetris. Carving cherries into the very back of head was not easy and it did not turn out very well either.

pacman cool haircut

However, it still looks pretty kick-ass and if you are still looking for that special haircut, you must ask your geeky friend to do it for you. If you are courageous and deft enough like Soon, you could try the haircut on yourself. All you might need are a razor and a mirror. Of course get the Oakley sunglasses too, to complete the look. You would actually look great if you got this cut and wore this cool Wolverine Jacket, and the Space Invaders Pendant.

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