Atomic LED Watch is Classy!

Here comes another Tokyoflash LED watch design which is extremely super-classy. I guess the designers are improving now, and they are coming up with better ideas.

Like I always say, it’s not just about uniqueness, the usability factor and the style factor should also be there. This time I am happy to see that Jeanne has incorporated all the necessary elements into one LED watch design.

She describes the watch as ‘Downtown’. It is a battery-powered atomic watch that comes with not only an LED screen capable of displaying time but also with a compass. Here’s the creative part – the screen and the way it displays time is based on a downtown night theme with three buildings, a traffic light, taxi cab, and a cloud (which is optional) to display the time. That is what I call true creativity. Look at how wonderfully she has combined a cool theme in a watch design that doesn’t even look awkward.

You can get the dates of yesterday, today, and tomorrow from the date screen which is actually the traffic signals. You can change the language to whichever in there is on-board that you like. The compass screen has the same colors as those present in the date screen to avoid confusion. That is actually the good part because with most of the LED watches, there are so many different lights and colors, that you need the manual on hand every time to read the time and date. But this one thing has been made easier. The band or straps of the watch are made from rubber, and the watch is available in four different colors: grey, dark green, navy blue, and black. Apart from everything else, the watch is super-cool and you can’t ask for anything else from an LED watch. This one is one of the best LED watches I have seen in the last month.

Time is presented by the buildings on the screen. The right one represents minutes from 1-9, the left one is for hours, and the one in the center is for showing 10-minute groups. Moreover, it gets more fun to see that the AM/PM is a traffic light indicator. Awesome design Jeanne!

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