This Binary Watch Is The New King Of All Geek Wrists

You have seen analog watches and also loved digital watches, so now it’s high time to launch something different and cool, to give you the variety. So this killer and one of its kinds “Binary Watch” to surprise you because I know people have only studies binary in computer and math’s but no one, not even I had ever thought that there will be binary watches invented.

The LED Binary Watch

The LED Binary Watch 2

The specialty about this geek watch is that the time displayed in this watch is of binary format. LED lights are used to display time. Don’t scratch your head because we will surely tell you how this works. There are 10 blue LED lights which indicate the numbers which are arranged in binary sequence i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and all the values of the LED lights are to be added to know the exact time.

The LED Binary Watch 3

As you can see there are two rows, the upper row is for knowing hours and the bottom row is for minutes. Just add the lights in the hour row to know what hour it is and add the minute lights to know what minute is it. It’s very simple to understand for the master of the watch and very confusing for others to read the time.

The LED Binary Watch 5

Along with its stunning looks and the metallic frame, its band is made up of soft leather and the watch face is made up of a circuit board with a stainless steel back and casting. You can also read the time in dark by pushing the light button for 5 seconds. This watch comes with an included instruction manual and is also water resistant (3 Atm). So to bring it home, just have to pay $69.99 and have this exquisite watch for your wrist.

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