Programmable Message Clock

This wonderful Programmable Message Clock receives and displays your messages. Your messages will come to the clock directly and well then float in the air! The device is also capable of receiving news content such as scores of your favorite sport, RSS feeds, tweets, stock quotes and best of all it can also receive your text messages.

Your friends and folks can send you a message as an email or through and this device will display it. It’s a cool way of reading text and messages without bothering to open up the cellphone and reading them.

Now, if you think that’s not something highly appealing, then you should know that this thing also works as a clock. That means that you can even set up time in it and it will display it in the air. The clock is also capable of displaying the temperature, but again you need to set it up for that. You can send a message to your friend who has this clock as well, and it will be displayed on his or her clock. Actually, it is a pretty cool way of saying a sweet ‘goodnight’ to your loved one who is far away from you.

Here are some of the features of the clock to give you an exact idea of how it works:

– You don’t need a computer for it. Just a secure internet connection.

– You don’t need to set it up. All you need to do is to plug in the internet connection, and the clock starts receiving messages.

– The technology used in this watch is known as iXP3 which creates an image that can float in the air.

– The clock is capable of displaying and craving 4 messages of 200 characters each at one time.

– The messages can be toggled on or off as well.

– There are different display options which you can set according to your own choice.

– Time can be set in both the modes; am/pm or the 24-hour option.

– This Programmable Message Clock is available for $99.99
icon which makes it a good gift for anyone out there, especially the punctual ones.

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